Much like traditional finance, the crypto market has seen its share of scams in recent years.  With the growth of DeFi and the explosion of tokens and protocols, the potential for investors to succumb to a fraudulent scheme has increased.

Unlike fiat, crypto benefits from blockchains - immutable ledgers recording every transaction.  They allow us to draw on the data to trace the proceeds of crime and locate it.  The bedrock of our investigative approach lies in our source of funds expertise and drawing on Hoptrail’s proprietary tools and data to enable asset recovery, or unpick complex disputes or litigation.

The types of investigations we conduct include:

  • Asset Tracing: including the tracing of crypto-assets obtained as a result of a hacks, scam, or theft.  
  • Commercial Disputes: disagreements between parties involving the identification and assessment of crypto holdings at a pre-litigation stage
  • Complex Litigation: crypto-related disputes arising from commercial or criminal litigation
  • Special Situations: including (but not limited to) regulatory, political, or enforcement issues such as sanctions or the suspected use of illicit services.  

Remember: identification of assets is often straightforward.  Recovery can be far more challenging.

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