Source of Wealth

Every crypto portfolio tells a story.

Blockchain data contains the narrative of everyone’s holdings. We decipher that narrative and turn it into something concise and readable, combining risks analysis with wealth assessment. Our expert AML reporting is designed for a range of services - from property purchases to bank onboarding and ongoing risk assessments.

Provenance & Legitimacy

Our source of funds and source of wealth reports assist clients in understanding their customer’s crypto proceeds - both from a financial crime and a wealth creation perspective.  By setting out the journey of a crypto portfolio, we can explain how wealth was created from start to finish, and whether there are any potential risks and what they mean.

For us, this is about smoothing the transition from the digital to the real.  This means giving traditional services access to a new generation of crypto wealth, and giving that wealth the ability to diversify out of digital assets.  Its a two way street.

By running blockchain analysis on wallets, we show the origin of funds, how they were accrued, and get third party services comfortable with the idea that crypto gains - whatever the journey - can be legitimate.

Counterparty Onboarding

More and more investors are generating wealth through crypto - whether through the creation of a token or protocol, an ICO, staking, lending, or simply from trading.  One of our biggest bugbears is seeing those investors rejected at point of onboarding because of spurious AML issues or false positives arising from blockchain analytics.

Our onboarding services help financial institutions gather detailed insight on a prospect’s crypto activities so they can make an informed decision about their probity.  This includes detail on services used, the assets traded, the wealth creation story, and - most importantly - what the potential red flags are, and what they really mean.  

Our services are tailor made to fit within an institutional CDD framework.

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