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Hoptrail and Bitcashier partner to expand crypto SoW tools across property, yachts and luxury goods

February 12, 2024

London, UK - 7 August 2023: Hoptrail has partnered with UK cryptocurrency payments processor Bitcashier to expand crypto source of wealth tools for high-value transactions globally.

“Bitcashier’s focus on the real estate, yacht, and luxury goods segments brings compliance requirements that Hoptrail is uniquely positioned to provide”, says Henry Burrows, CEO at Hoptrail. “In addition to wallet screening and VASP due diligence, we’re deploying our crypto source of wealth tools to enhance Bitcashier’s already strong onboarding procedures when it comes to HNWIs and high-value crypto transactions. We’re very excited about how this partnership will grow.”

“We are delighted to partner and use Hoptrail’s compliance services, as they align perfectly with Bitcashier's product offerings and compliance requirements”, says Giles Whitby-Smith CEO at Bitcashier. “We looked at many products in the space, but Hoptrail’s wallet data and expertise always came out on top.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Access to Hoptrail’s platform to empower detailed wallet screening and portfolio risks analysis.
  • Provision of AML-focused due diligence on VASPs and other ecosystem partners through our Leaderboards and Profiles segment.
  • Access to Hoptrail’s on-chain onboarding services, providing detailed crypto SoF and SoW analysis for high-risk or high-value prospects.

About Hoptrail: Hoptrail is a UK-based blockchain data company that provides crypto source of funds, source of wealth, and on-chain diligence tools. The company uses blockchain and public domain data to identify and assess risks attached to crypto funds, events, entities, and tokens - helping businesses to make informed and timely decisions about partners, clients, and investments.

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About Bitcashier: Bitcashier is a regulated B2B platform with a global presence, serving industries like Yacht, Jets, Gaming, Real Estate and Luxury Goods. Our seamless crypto payment solution empowers businesses to confidently accept cryptocurrency payments, expanding their capabilities. With a network of over 25 partners, including top players in the Yachting Marine industry, and a recent partnership with Digitain, Bitcashier offers an enhanced and secure experience in buying, selling, and gaming with cryptocurrency.

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