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Hoptrail and Raion Labs: Partnering to Provide Cryptocurrency Source of Funds and Onboarding Tools across Asia

February 12, 2024

London and Singapore – February, 02 2023 – Hoptrail, a market-leading UK provider of crypto diligence and analytics tools, and Raion Labs, today announced a strategic partnership that will help customers in Asia undertake affordable and reliable assessments on crypto ecosystem risks.

Focused on serving enterprise users seeking insights on crypto wealth, market intelligence, and counterparty onboarding, the partnership will utilise Hoptrail's platform and expert AML reporting to provide unrivalled analysis on entities, events, wallet, and tokens across the crypto space.

For the hundreds of regulated firms coming to crypto for the first time, digital assets can feel complicated, data-heavy, and fraught with risk. Hoptrail and Raion Labs break down those barriers with innovative end-to-end crypto diligence solutions.

“Blockchain analytics is intimidating to first-time users.  Our goal is to demystify cryptocurrency risks and deliver findings in clear, concise and digestible ways for institutions coming to the sector for the first time.  The ability to distil complicated issues is fundamental to driving crypto adoption across traditional finance.”

Henry Burrows, co-founder and CEO at Hoptrail.

Hoptrail clients include some of the biggest global hedge funds, private banks and pension funds, who use their service to decipher risk insights on the blockchain.

Burrows added, “Our output is designed specifically for institutions who are looking for ways to onboard crypto wealth or get to grips with sectoral risks more broadly. Our partnership with Raion Labs connects these dots for firms across Asia, and we’re really excited about the prospects as wealth flows into the region.”

“It is timely for the markets including Asia to learn and apply proper cryptocurrency risks management. We also see strong growing interests in this part of the world despite the general winter and we believe we can contribute towards a more orderly and transparent new world.”

Xiaoyin Shen, Business Director at Raion Labs

“Hoptrail and Raion Labs have built strong reputations as leading authorities in Web3 risk and compliance, providing their services to public and private organisations around the world,” said Mark Koh, director at Raion Labs.   “This partnership between two mission-focused companies strengthens Web3 due diligence, at a time when digital assets have become a notable business opportunity across Asia.”

Resources on today’s announcement:

Hoptrail Blog

Raion Blog

About Hoptrail

Hoptrail is a blockchain data company based in the UK and Singapore.  The firm provides crypto source of funds, onboarding, and analytics for institutions involved in the digital asset sector.  Hoptrail combines on-chain and off-chain data to identify and assess risks attached to crypto funds and entities, helping businesses make informed and timely decisions about partners, customers, and investments.

Hoptrail is the only firm in the UK to provide audits for high-value asset purchases with crypto proceeds, and the only company to specialise in multi-chain, multi-asset portfolio analysis. Its clients include financial institutions, law firms, and virtual asset service providers.

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About Raion Labs

Raion Labs is all about building trust through transparency in the digital economy while empowering our clients with accurate data-driven intelligence to make informed decisions while mitigating risks with our best- of-breed blockchain analytics solutions.

Raion Labs is based in Singapore and led by an experienced team of investigation and compliance professionals with local know how and expertise uniquely positioned to address the growing demand for crypto risk analytics in Asia. Our vision is to upskill the core capabilities of everyone in the crypto ecosystem in terms of risk management as well as providing them with the necessary tools to investigate, monitor and mitigate the inherent risks of the crypto currencies.

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Hoptrail Contact

Raion Labs Contact  


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