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February 12, 2024

Our Partnerships: Empowering Crypto Adoption

This month, Hoptrail announced two partnerships to promote crypto adoption across traditional sectors: one with UK crypto payments firm Bitcashier; and another with Australian blockchain-as-a-service provider Black Tie Digital.  

The goals of these partnerships is to facilitate crypto transactions across a suite of assets - from property and yachts to art and luxury goods - and to help crypto investors diversify their wealth, quickly, efficiently, and in compliance with AML regulations.  

To do this, Bitcashier and Black Tie are leveraging Hoptrail’s crypto toolsets.  This includes:

  • Access to platform for wallet screening and portfolio risks analysis
  • Risk intelligence on entities and events via Leaderboards
  • Access to our chain-agnostic crypto source of funds and source of wealth reporting

We see these partnerships as part of a wider process of building compliance bridges between crypto and traditional services.  Hoptrail’s origins lie in helping young crypto investors access the property ladder, and with these partnerships, we hope to build on that by fostering greater trust in digital assets among traditional sectors.  And most importantly, to allow crypto investors and their wealth to move seamlessly between the real and digital realms.  

To find out more about our partnerships, see:

Hoptrail and Bitcashier partner to expand crypto SoW tools across property, yachts and luxury goods

Hoptrail partners with Black Tie Digital to power crypto property purchases across Asia

Gen Z, Crypto, and the Property Ladder

Hoptrail published an article in Solicitors Journal this month, discussing emerging investment trends across GenZ (18-25 year olds) and how crypto is being used by younger generations to access the housing ladder.

Central to this growth, in our experience, is the realisation that the blockchain is a compliance tool in its own right.  We also discussed how the blockchain is being used to facilitate those activities and help young investors deploy their crypto wealth.

Read the full story here.

Wallets, Leaderboards and Data

Following on from our quarterly review last month, we have continued to add entities to Leaderboards, update scores, and significantly add to our Ethereum tagged wallet datasets with new heuristics.

For those that don't know, Leaderboards is a composite indices measuring potential money laundering and terrorist financing risks across major virtual asset service providers.  We created the index in response to an industry-wide lack of AML data on crypto entities of all kinds, from exchanges and custody to gambling services and darknet marketplaces.

New Entrants

New entrants on our AML Leaderboards (and their respective scores) this month include:

  • Rakkar Digital (Custody - Asia) - 82.15
  • DTC Pay (Payment Services - Asia) - 89.09
  • (Exchange - Europe) - 85.97
  • Vaultoro (Exchange - UK) - 85.15
  • MoonBit (Exchange - Europe) - 70.59
  • OTCBTC (Exchange - Asia) - 66.9
  • GMX (DEX - Unknown / Offshore) - 41.67

Leaderboard Score Changes

  • On 22 July 2023, CoinsPaid, a popular cryptocurrency payments platform, suffered a substantial security breach, with at least $37.3 million in crypto stolen from internal systems. The company attributed the hack to the North Korean state sponsored hacking collective Lazarus Group - the latest in a string of exploits orchestrated by Lazagus Group. The hack is suspected to be related to recent breaches of wallet provider Atomic Wallet and payments service AlphaPo, with estimated losses of $100 million and $60 million, respectively. Although the exact method of the theft was not disclosed, CoinsPaid halted operations for four days to address the incident. The services has incurred a penalty on Leaderboards and has dropped three points to 79.77.
  • In June, Bitstamp secured registration with the UK's Financial Conduct Authority. This brings Bitstamp to 11th in the Exchange category on Leaderboards, with a score of 89.52, an increase of 1.27 points.
  • In late July, successfully registered with De Nederlandsche Bank in Holland.  This registration improves’s #AML score by 0.12 points, now standing at 89.75 and securing a rank of 9th in the Exchange category.

You can find out more by visiting our LinkedIn page.  You can also view the Top 100 Exchanges and DEXs on our website, or sign up to our Platform for the sector's most complete AML risk data and insights.

Wallets and Data

This month, we added a further 30 million tagged wallets to our datasets.  This brings the total number of tagged cryptocurrency addresses across Bitcoin and Ethereum to over 300 million - making it one of the most extensive tagged wallet databases globally.

The primary additions this month were on Ethereum where we added exchange deposit addresses via a new heuristic.  This is one of several planned algorithms we are adding this year to increase our on-chain mapping, and we will be updating our customers in due course on further expansion.

In addition, we added wallets tied to several high-profile and high-risk events and entities.  These include:

  • Steadifi Exploiter (Exploit - August 2023)
  • Multichain Exploit (Exploit - July 2023)
  • AlphaPo Drainer (Hack - July 2023)
  • Antares.Trade (Scam)
  • GainBitcoin (Scam)
  • CryptoBridge (Russian exchange)
  • Bypass Shop (darknet marketplace)

We also tagged previously unidentified wallets tied to Alameda Research, Three Arrows Capital, Grapefruit Trading, Jane Street Capital, Longling Capital, FalxonX, and Jump Trading, among many others.

All of these addresses are available to search on our platform, alongside profiles and synopses of the underlying entities and events - all designed to provide immediate, clear and detailed intelligence as you search on-chain.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like to find out more about our platform, or how we collect and curate our data, get in touch with the team at or reach out to us here.


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